My comment to the FCC

My comment is most readable here:

, but if you view it here,

, then there are links on the left to view other comments and post your own.

I submitted my comment as a pdf file, and it was posted without alteration.


FCC Establishes Pleading Cycle

The proposed takeover of T-Mobile by AT&T now has a docket number, Federal Communications Commission, WT Docket No. 11-65 . The public notice is  . Petitions To Deny Are Due: May 31, 2011 .

Comments (meaning those “petitions”) can be submitted on the web using the Electronic Comment Filing System at  . The page specific to Docket 11-65 is:  .

You can “Submit a Filing (Express),” or “Submit a Filing.” The first option lets you type directly into a form, although you might want to prepare comments in a simple editor such as notepad, then paste them in. The non-express option allows you to submit a pdf or word-processing file.

Don’t delay! File your objections to AT&T’s proposal. The deadline is May 31, but the web site is open now for your comments. For ideas, read my postings and the articles linked at left.